Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I cannot sleep; I bet I do not want to sleep it's not that I have insomnia. So, I decided to share some story of mine and of course a cup of nescafe-latte lah!

I had crush years ago and I tell you he is a very nice, tanned and quite guy. After few years of kinda schoolmates-friendship, we started to make up with each other. We still kept in touch though we were separated in different academic institutions for matriculation.

I was so afraid to tell him that I like him, and I was so shy and I was afraid to be rejected by him. I told him that he is my best friend instead of confessing that I like him. Is that what we called as...friend-zone?

He still contacted me like always when he needs to sail to Japan or once he reached there. I remembered that place... Le Sodegaura, Japan. How beautiful it is to know that you're important enough to get to know his condition for each sails he went.

As month goes by, there was a girl followed him on twitter, then bullshit happened. I got to know that that girl was a daughter to an officer that owns authority to select qualified students to join ALAM. What do you expect...??

She got him and left me without nothing, damn girl. No. I was the one who quickly make my step backwards and let him choose her, his happiness (maybe). I do pray a lot for him, up until now.

And now I can only wish him by myself without letting him know when it comes to his bornday, seeing her celebrating his birthday, and what not. blablabla.

I will always pray that he can guide his girlfriend and may they marry each other one fine day, and to have kids together.

HE is the best planner after all.

Goodbye, S.

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